The American Orthodox Church, inc.
A truly Americanized Orthodox Church
There was a great liturgical movement in the 60's and 70's inspired by Vatican II. The enthusiasm or disappointment, depending on ones perspective, was contagious. An important work in this spiritual and liturgical revival was written by Fr. Alexander Schmemman, Great Lent. Metropolitan Archbishop Bartholomew (Cunningham)+ was one of these excited clergy who found a true path to God through Orthodox Catholicism.

Please come back to this site often to learn more about American Orthodoxy.

Services are in Modern English. We follow the Slavic Order of Worship and use modern Western musical notation.

We offer to all our visitors to think of Orthodox Christianity not as an institution with rules and rituals. Think of Orthodoxy as a path one follows and asking ourselves constantly if we are on the right path to God.

We follow the Old Calendar even though we are modern.  We feel merit in this tradition.

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